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Attn promoters:
**Read entire post before calling**

1) $75 VENUE FEE
If this is new to you, it’s been at least a year since you’ve booked a show. Subject to change due to last minute venue changes, etc. We’re not dicks haha.
If you’re from out of town or someone that hasn’t thrown a show here before, you’ll be required to pay the $75 up front thru PayPal. If you cancel your show, you lose the $75.

2) Tipping the Soundguy is encouraged, but not required. When I, the bartender, throw my shows, I try to at least throw the soundguy $5 per band. Tony does a good job, so why not?

3) You run your own door and keep 100% of what you make.

4) Bring these items:
a. Change.
If you’re charging $7 at the door, you’re gonna need ones and fives. We open at 11am every day and we might not have any more change available by the time your show starts, so definitely bring your own.
b. Marker, stamp or wristbands.

5) Have at LEAST four bands on the show Sunday through Thursday, 6 bands Friday and Saturday!

6) Unless you have more than 6 bands, the show won’t start before 9pm on Friday and Saturday and any show shouldn’t end before 1am.

a. Bring in a stack of flyers and we’ll make sure they’re seen all month.
b. Submit your event to Houston Press. It’s free!
c. Share your event relentlessly on your wall, in groups, etc.
d. Spraypaint under bridges advertising it lol
We see so many “promoters” do nothing and then bitch that nobody showed up. You get 100% of what you make at the door!!! So why wouldn’t you promote your show, make that good good door cheddar and pay your bands a good lick???!!!
We’ll also promote your show periodically throughout the month before and blast it hard the day of the show.

8. We don’t set up shows. If you’re an out of town band looking to jump on a show, go ahead and call and I’ll see if I can find you a show that fits your genre and get you connected with that promoter.
If you’re a band that just wants an open date and doesn’t plan on booking a show around yourself, we’re not gonna contact a bunch of bands on your behalf to set up a show for you. I’m in two bands, one from Victoria and I used to network myself and look up venues and show flyers and promoter names and looked everything up and got myself out there really well.
In other words, do your own legwork.

And that’s about it. Any more questions or you’re ready to book a date, give Sally, Gore or Tony a call anytime after 11am @ 7139232837 and we’ll get ya hooked up with a show!!!

STAGE: 200 Sq. Feet Drum Riser Incl. Lighting-8 Cans/10 Effects/2 Strobe

SOUND SYSTEM: Complete PA-5000+ Watt, 4-18” Woofers/4-15” Mid-Range/ 2-Tweeter Horns/ Full Stage Monitors